Newborn Photoshoot Parent Information Guide

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Preparing for Your Photoshoot

Style of Images?

For me to best plan your photoshoot it helps to know beforehand if ye have a particular style of image you would like captured e.g. specific colours, dark/lighter toned images, simple posing or with props? If you want to have a peek at my newborn gallery on my website and if there are images that you really love and would like similar captured of your baby - just screenshot 2-3 (max) before our photoshoot and I can have similar setups ready for you (just to keep in mind not all babies love every pose and I always follow babies lead in what they are comfortable in so I can't guarantee exact images). 

If you don't have any particular images you would like captured I can completely plan and style the photoshoot for ye using setups and colours that I know photograph beautifully (I know new parents have enough to be doing!) 

Tips for your photoshoot - what to bring?

For the photoshoot you don't need to purchase anything extra as I have everything we need in the studio including hat’s, wraps, outfits, hairbands and a huge range of props, so it’s just the everyday basics you need to bring for baby e.g milk, nappies, change of clothes. To ensure we get the best possible images I do recommend bringing a soother for baby as it really does help in settling babies in between posing if needed. On the morning of the photoshoot if you can dress baby in a onsie/babygrow that buttons down the front and a plain white vest - this way I can easily remove babies clothes when ye arrive without disturbing baby. If possible it can be good to bath baby on the morning of the photoshoot as babies sleep very well after a bath but this is only a suggestion and if ye have the time as I know it can be hard enough to get baby out in the first few weeks, so what’s most important is for ye to be relaxed and to enjoy the day. The studio is quite small and I keep it very warm for baby, so for your comfort if ye dress in lighter clothing or layers and feel free to bring some snacks as newborn photoshoots can take up to three hours.

I try to plan the photoshoot around babies feeding times in the morning. It works well if parents can feed baby before ye leave home as babies often fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio, and I can easily undress baby when ye arrive without disturbing baby. 

The photoshoot is completely baby led so we can take breaks whenever needed if baby needs a top up feed. Some babies do tend to feed a little more than usual during the photoshoot so it’s a good idea to pack extra milk if bottlefeeding.

What to wear?
Parent and family images are taken either with a white lifestyle setup or a dark setup. For my white lifestyle setup (I generally recommend this setup if there are young siblings) either white or cream tops photograph best or pastel shades e.g light pink, blue. For family images it can be nice to wear colours that compliment each other e.g. shades from the same colour palette and to avoid big logos/too many stripes/patterns. Solid colours are generally more flattering. For the darker setup black tops photograph best. These photos are for you to hang in your home though so do choose colours you love the most and if you love patterns rather than solid colours then that's perfect! Just try not to mix too many different patterns/stripes across the family group.

Photos are generally from the waist up and shoes are often removed. If you would like black and white fine art images in your gallery (e.g. baby in mom/dads hands please bring a short sleeved black top).

For sibling images with baby, a white/cream or neutral/pastel coloured top with jeans/leggings or a dress photographs best and again best to avoid logos/stripes which can be distracting in images. Also for girls if wearing short dresses please bring a pair of leggings/tights too for underneath in case the skirt is too short when sitting down with baby.

I will match baby's wrap to your outfit choice.

Covid-19/Flu Note:

Please if anyone is feeling unwell contact me as soon as possible and we can arrange another photoshoot date when everyone is feeling well. Masks are no longer required in the studio but I will wear one if client's prefer.

Day of the Photoshoot - What to expect?

Duration of Photoshoot:

Newborn photoshoots can take up to three hours, I know this may seem like a long time but I allow this much time so that I can capture the very best selection of images for you. Sometimes it can take time for baby to fall into a nice deep sleep which is what I want so that baby is very relaxed and I can easily and safely pose baby into those adorable newborn poses. With this amount of time I can photograph baby in a variety of different setups and it gives lots of time for feeding and changing breaks. The studio is kept quite warm as mentioned so it is best to dress in light layers and to bring any snacks you would like :) I have bottled water in the studio.

I always try to photograph baby in at least three different setups, my photoshoots are always completely baby-led so I follow babies cues in what they are comfortable and happy with. I always try my very best to incorporate parents choice of setups/poses but sometimes babies don’t love every pose, so my main focus is always on keeping baby happy and providing the best selection of images I can for parents.

Sibling and baby/Family Images:

Sibling images with baby are taken at the beginning of the photoshoot, having a young toddler myself I know that children can get bored in a studio environment quite quickly, the studio is also kept quite warm for baby so it’s best not to have siblings in the studio for the entire photoshoot. By taking these images at the start, sibling(s) are free to leave after their photos with dad or a family member, there is a playground in the village as well as shops and lots of beaches nearby, so they will have lots to do! This also allows me the time and space needed to focus on capturing the best possible images of your baby as well. Family images are taken at the beginning also if there are other siblings. With the current situation with Covid-19 it's best to limit the amount of people we have in the studio for long periods.

Studio Directions

Please click here for Studio Directions

When parking please park as close to my studio door or my side of the building as possible as there is another business next door. Thanks :)

Credit Card

Please note at this time I do not have credit card facilities in the studio, payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

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