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Why book with me?

Well firstly I love photographing babies especially when they are newborns – I mean who doesn't love brand new babies, with their teeny tiny toes, super cute baby noises and that newborn smell! it really is the sweetest thing! 

I am what you could call a complete perfectionist and I have alot of patience which is really important for newborn photography as it can take time for baby to fall asleep, and time to perfect each pose. I don't mind waiting as I want to capture the very best images for my clients. I enjoy meeting new families and welcoming their new baby into my studio. Every baby is so different and having photographed LOTS of babies I have the experience needed in handling and posing these precious little bundles, so parents can sit back and relax while I capture beautiful images for them.

My studio is packed (every corner of it) with gorgeous unique handmade props, wraps, outfits, hats, hairbands, tiny teddies, backdrops the list goes on – there is no need for clients to purchase anything for the photoshoot as I have everything we need and they are made specifically for babies. I love working with wooden props in particular and love adding different textures and colours to make each photo unique while still keeping all of the focus on baby. I often spend hours before a photoshoot setting up to make sure every photoshoot is special and unique for my clients. I can also tailor each photoshoot to capture the style of images parents love most e.g. by using rustic wooden props, floral digital backdrops or by focusing on timeless fine art black and white images. 

I am fully trained in newborn safety and safety is the most important thing for me during a newborn photoshoot. I would never ever push a pose that baby doesn't like, some poses for added safety are created as a composite where I would take two photos and then merge them together afterwards in photoshop, this way there is always a hand supporting baby.

I have my own little boy and I know that they really are your whole world. I completely understand how hard it can be for new parents to give your baby to someone to be photographed for the very first time! I promise if you book with me I will mind your baby just like my own (who is now a big boisterous two year old!) and capture beautiful images that you will love for years to come! :)

I also photograph babies first year. I love meeting babies as they reach the different milestones e.g. when they just start sitting up and are exploring the world around them and of course babies first birthday! I also offer maternity portraits in my studio and outdoors when our somewhat - ok - completely unpredictable Irish weather plays ball!

So If you are interested in booking or need any further information do get in touch, and if you are looking for another reason to book :) you can read some of the lovely reviews I have gotten from clients here.

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