Babies 3-5 Months & Babies 6-9 Months & First Birthday Photoshoots

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Photoshoot Information

What to expect?

Tummy Time for babies 3-5 Months
Parent/sibling and baby images can also be taken on the day. Babies at this stage can tire easily so the photoshoot is generally kept to 1.5-2 hours in duration. Your baby will be photographed on his/her back and on their belly.  I will use a variety of colours and setups and generally take a mix of images of baby wearing either their white babygrow/vest or a romper as well as images with baby just in their nappy with a wrap over them from my studio collection. I do have a selection of rompers for use in the studio that match particular backdrops as well as a large selection of hairbands :)

Sitter Sessions for babies 6-9 Months
Parent/sibling images can also be taken on the day. Sitter photoshoots usually last approx 1.5 - 2 hours. Your baby can be photographed on his/her belly and sitting. I have a gorgeous selection of props in the studio that we can use for your photoshoot. I also have a selection of outfits that match lots of my setups if you would like to use them for your baby's photoshoot.

What to bring?

If your baby has a favourite toy that makes noise this can be useful in catching his/her attention. Also if baby takes a soother please bring this too as well as milk in case baby needs a break during the photoshoot.

Babies 3-5 Months
Please bring a plain white vest/onsie (short sleeves and legs) baby can be photographed in this for their family images as part of my natural lifestyle setup or if you have a favourite outfit that you would prefer for the family photos please bring that too :) Rompers are also a gorgeous choice of outfit as they are soft and comfortable and we can see tiny fingers and toes! White or pastel colours always photograph nicely.

Babies 6-9 Months
For boys and girls rompers are an adorable choice, colours that photograph well are pastel shades of pinks, lilac, mint, blue, grey and white/cream of course :) Best to avoid big logos/stripes or overly bright colours - we want all of the attention on baby. Soft jeans/dungarees are also very cute! Try to ensure that tops are a snug fit so they don't bunch too much around baby's face. For girls if wearing dresses it can be best to avoid a vest underneath which can be visible in photos, also it's good to bring a pair of tights with dresses or a nappy cover. 

For parents/siblings again plain tops with no big logos are best, small patterns /stripes/florals can be nice for your photos but best if only one or two family members are wearing them mixed in with solid colours. White/cream tops or light pastel shades photograph well with my white setup. For family photos, it's nice to wear either colours that compliment each other i.e. similar shades from the same colour palette for example dark blue, baby blue and navy or white and baby pinks also photograph well.  Plain black tops also photograph nicely in particular if you like black and white images. Photographs are generally from the waist up and shoes are often removed (especially in these current times). 

Studio directions: 

Directions can be viewed here:
When parking please park as close to my studio door or my side of the building as possible as there is another business next door. Thanks :)

Credit Card: Please note at this time I do not have credit card facilities in the studio, payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

Looking forward to photographing your little one :)     

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